Community rules and guidelines Code of Conduct

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and discrimation of fellow site users for any reason. Respect is key. If you are being harassed by a user through, including our official forums and Discord service, we encourage you to raise a report against the user and allow our team to handle the problem.

On marked scammers has an partnership with SteamRep in order to provide and maintain a database of scammers and block their access to certain services. Trading with scammers is dangerous and likely to have an impact on your reputation. You are strongly recommended to avoid

It is your responsibility to make sure you are not trading with an account belonging to a scammer. Please read this thread for more information.

Price suggestions

  1. Suggestions require evidence. If you wish to create price suggestions, you are strongly recommended to read the article on creating a price suggestion. The following threads may also be helpful:
  2. Comments should be constructive. The following is considered to be spam:
    • Links to image macros
    • ASCII art
    • Comments such as "free rep" or "owns one, downvote"
  3. Do not demand your friends to vote on a suggestion. This counts as price manipulation.
  4. Do not use alternate accounts to vote multiple times on the same suggestion. This also counts as price manipulation.


  1. Do not cut in line. If you list items at a low price then demand users who trade with you to pay more, you will be banned.
  2. Third-party bots are fine, if and only if:
    • Trades can be performed entirely by sending a trade offer or by adding the bot account directly from
    • If you are using a placeholder item to appear in the classifieds while stock of the same type is sold, that item should be removed as soon as you run out of stock for that item.
  3. Links in the notes must be related to trading. For example, advertising raffles or Steam groups in your listings is not allowed. Examples of acceptable links include links to trades on other trading websites or a spreadsheet with your own prices.
  4. The price in your listing must match the price in the notes.
  5. Your listings must be reasonable and realistic.
  6. It is your responsibility to keep your listings up to date and accurate. If you are found to be repeatedly changing your mind after receiving offers, you will receive a ban.

Sell Orders

Sell orders for virtually identical items from a user are "folded" into a single listing.

  1. Do not list items asking for item offers or item overpay only. The listed price must be what you are willing to take in pure.
  2. Do not bypass the listing folder by using a negligible difference in price. This is considered line cutting. Using multiple accounts to bypass the folder is likewise not allowed, unless each account has a significant amount of the item in question listed for sale. This rule does not apply if the items have a modification (such as a paint) which they do not have in common. Levels and craft numbers above 100 do not count as modifications.

Buy Orders

  1. Do not list buy orders to pay only in item offers or item overpay. The listed price must be what you are willing to pay in pure. This includes listings for CS:GO items.
  2. If you are seeking an item with a specific paint or other attribute, you should edit the item accordingly when placing the buy listing by clicking the pencil ().
  3. The listing price should be what you are willing to pay for each individual item. Don't list a buy order at 30 keys for 10 buds.
    • This does not apply to buy orders listed at 0.05. For example, you may make listings at 0.05 for multiple reinforced robot parts.
  4. You must have the pure on hand for people to send trade offers. If you do not have pure, please remove your listing and recreate it at a later time.
  5. If you are listing a generic buy order, your buy order must be the price you are willing to pay for ANY clean (not duped) item.
    • Generic buy orders for unusuals must be at the price you will pay for any effect, even nuts and bolts.
    • Buy orders for specialized or professional killstreak weapons must be for any sheen/effect - listings stating things like "any but hypno-beam" violate this rule.
    • Don't list a buy order for chemistry sets at 50 keys if you're only buying some sets for 50 keys.

Note: These rules and guidelines are not here as a complete list of warnable or bannable offenses. They are here to clear up any confusion about the rules that may not be obvious.

Cases not stated here are at the discretion of the moderators.

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